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Create reports in one click using Grafana. Get data from all the integrations you need. Edit reports, share them and more

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Connect Your Data

Full Control

Choose which integrations to connect and select specific data sources.

Use Different Data Sources in One Report

Check your top KPIs in one report.

Use Our Templates Or Create Your Own

Choose from a rich library of templates and bootstrap your report creation process.

3 clicks
To create a report

Organize & Customize Your Reports

Organize your Clients

Group data sources together into workspaces using labels to organize your work.

Edit your Reports

Repozix offers a strong report editor.


Connect your data, build reports and discover insights

Repozix combines a powerful report designer from Grafana with an easy-to-use tool

Powerful Report Editor

Create Grafana reports in seconds and enjoy dashboards using the best open source visualization tool in the market. Powerful white-labeling features are also available to build unique reports

Team Collaboration

Invite your team members and control their access. They can connect data sources to an account and contribute in report editing.

Rich Templates

Repozix offers many templates to bootstrap your reporting. Custom reports can also be created.

Advanced Analytics

Get access to unique features:
# Use metrics across many dimensions.
# Compare campaigns.
# Add up to 10 metrics in a widget.
# Report on Campaign, Ad set or Ad levels.

Built for Scale

# Use labels to organize your workspaces and make sure your reports are in the right place.
# Leverage recurring reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) that refresh automatically.


1. Create a report once and templatize it.
2. Use the template to create reports for different clients.
3. Share the reports with your clients who will enjoy auto-refreshed reports. You can also email them PDFs with your analysis.


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