Google Universal Analytics

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Create Insightful Google Universal Analytics Reports

Follow a few simple steps to gain access to our reports:

  • Login to your Repozix Account.
  • Connect your Google Universal Analytics to Repozix.
Connect your Google Universal Analytics Account

All the Metrics You Need

We offer all the metrics you need to create your reports, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Sessions: the total number of sessions
  • Users: the total number of users for the requested time period
  • Bounce Rate: the percentage of single-page session (i.e., session in which the person left the property from the first page)
  • Page Views: the total number of pageviews for the property
  • Avg. Time on Screen: average time (in seconds) users spent on a screen
  • Pages / Session: the average number of pages viewed during a session, including repeated views of a single page
  • Unique Purchases: the number of product sets purchased. For example, if users purchase 2 frisbees and 5 tennis balls from the site, this will be 2
  • Revenue: the total sale revenue (excluding shipping and tax) of the transaction

A metric is missing?

In case a metric is missing, please get in touch and we will be happy to add your metrics.

Get More Insights Using Dimensions

Analyse your metrics across different dimensions to gain deep insights:

  • Date: the date of the session
  • Landing Page: a page on the website specified by path and/or query parameters. Use this with hostname to get the page's full URL
  • Medium: the type of referrals
  • Channel: the Channel Group associated with an end user's session for this View (defined by the View's Channel Groupings)
  • User Type: either New Visitor or Returning Visitor, indicating if the users are new or returning
  • Source: the source of referrals
  • Country: users' country
  • Mobile Device Brand: mobile manufacturer or branded name

A dimension is missing?

In case a dimension is missing, please get in touch and we will be happy to add it.