Twitter Ads

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Create Insightful Twitter Ads Reports

Follow a few simple steps to gain access to our reports:

  • Login to your Repozix Account.
  • Connect your Twitter Ads to Repozix.
Connect your Twitter Ads Account

All the Metrics You Need

We offer all the metrics you need to create your reports, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Total number of engagements: the total number of engagements (replies, likes, Retweets, and Retweets with comment)
  • Total number of impressions: the total number of users who see a campaign
  • Total number of retweets: the total number of tweets by other users, forwarded to you by someone you follow
  • Total number of replies: the total number of tweets in response to another Tweet, usually posted by clicking the reply button next to their Tweet in your timeline
  • Total number of likes: the number of people who liked your ad by clicking the heart button
  • Total number of follows: the total number of followers generated from your Tweet, including earned
  • Total number of clicks: the total clicks on links, hashtags, a Website Card, and other Tweet details in your ad, combined with likes and profile clicks
  • Total spend: the total amount of money spent on your ads
  • Total number of video views: the total number of video views, a view only count when your video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when a user clicks to expand/unmute your video

A metric is missing?

In case a metric is missing, please get in touch and we will be happy to add your metrics.

Get More Insights Using Dimensions

Analyse your metrics across different dimensions to gain deep insights:

  • Age: the age range of the people you have reached
  • Audiences: the custom audiences in your campaign targeting. Such as: previous customers, web visitors who haven't yet converted, and/or mobile app users who haven't opened your app in a week
  • Events: the events that you leveraged in your campaigns to get people to interact with your ads
  • Keywords: the keywords that have either been included or excluded from your ads
  • Locations: country of the people you have targeted
  • Platforms: the platforms (Andorid devices, IOS devices,...) used by the people who interacted with your ads

A dimension is missing?

In case a dimension is missing, please get in touch and we will be happy to add it.