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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom plans?

We are happy to provide custom plans for big agencies or for small agencies with special needs. Just make sure to get in touch on

Can I invite team members to collaborate on building reports?

Our paid plans support adding team members, so you can leverage this to create a team account and have all your reports in one place.

What is a data element?

A widget can have many components, each component is a "data element".

I need other integrations?

We are adding new integrations all the time and if you use a platform that is not supported, please get in touch and we will add it to our plans.

How many integrations can I have in one report?

The short answer is "Unlimited". The only limit is the number of pages which is set to 5 for now for paid plans.

How many data elements can I have per widget?

This limit is set to 10 for now, to ensure that widgets are understood easily.