Use Repozix To Create Reports And Compare Data

Create reports from one or many integrations and share them with your clients. Compare your campaigns from one or different platforms and much more.

One Integration Reports

Beautiful & unique reports in one click

Choose your integration, connect your datasource and you are all set to have a rich and up to date report which you can share with your clients privately (password protection). All of this, without any coding or technical knowledge.

Satisfy Customers

Your customers are looking for rich reports built specifically for them. Thanks to white-labeling and templating you can achieve this in few minutes.

Leverage Templates

Use our rich library of templates to create your first reports. Change their theme and content and make them your own.

Automate Reporting

Avoid spending time crafting reports for your clients by using recurring reports and focus on scaling your business.

All-in-one Reports

Build reports from different integrations

You can bring KPIs from all the platforms you use into one report. Cross-analyze your data and discover insights you could not see before.
This will be a huge time and effort saver for customers that have multiple marketing platforms where many reports can be summarized in one multi-page report.

Unlimited Datasources

You can have as many datasources from as many integrations as you want in one report.

Mutli-page Reports

Manage one report with as many pages as you require to create detailed and contained reports.

Multi-source widgets

This flexibility gives you a lot of power. For example: you can visualize reach and interactions in the same graph to see how effective your ads are.

Compare Data

Are you A/B testing campaigns on Google Ads and want to contrast the results? or you want to compare your CPC between Facebook Ads and Google Ads? Repozix is built with this kind of advanced analysis in mind, use strong reporting features to achieve this.

Flexible Reporting

In a report, you can have any combination of integrations you want and use them to compare results and cross-check findings.

Rich Customizations

Use powerful customization features such as changing colours and fonts to differentiate your datasources.

Advanced Analytics

Multi-source widgets with data elements from different campaigns can give you the right setup to see the differences you are looking for.

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